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Looking for transportation by taxi from airport Podgorica to Kotor - welcome to our website. We are union of private taxi drivers from Podgorica city, and we will conduct your journey by taxi from Podgorica airport to Kotor at the highest level. Cheap and private transfer which you are not sharing with other travelers - 24h operational service. Easy and free booking, just fill our reservation form or contact us by email or phone number.

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Taxi airport Podgorica to Kotor old city or Bus Station cost 65€ total price, and travel distance is about 90 km (arrival to the airport 12-13 km is free of charge). Price is fixed and apply for one vehicle, which can carry maximum four persons. All cabs are higher middle class, principally Mercedes E and VW Passat, Tourane and similar. Transportation from Podgorica airport to Kotor take about 1h 30min, but in the peak of the season can be longer. Please pay attention, if you need to schedule taxi transfer from Kotor to Podgorica airport, accept advice of our driver or dispatcher about pick up time.


If you decided to use our taxi service from airport Podgorica to Kotor, just to know that meeting point can be only one place. Podgorica airport has just one arrival terminal and one exit door where our driver will be standing with your name - sign. When you meet him, he will help you with your baggage and yours is just to follow him till the car. During your transportation from airport Podgorica to Kotor city in Montenegro you can get useful information and recommendations about all things you are interesting for. We think you will find that our premier taxi service will offer anything you need to get you to your address in the most efficient way possible.


Taxi from Podgorica airport to Kotor can be used as a private / family transfer, business trip or sightseeing tour. Fast, cheap and dependable, no matter what occasion is. If you require high luxury limo service for your journey, Mercedes S class 2017th year for a sure will meet all your expectations.



How to Travel from Podgorica Airport to Kotor by Minivan


Law about public transport of passengers in Montenegro does not allow the registration of any vehicle with more than 4 + 1 seats, except buses. In this purpose we have minivan department registered as Limo Service. Except taxi, if you need a ride from Podgorica airport to Kotor or opposite for more than 4 travelers, we can manage it. We have several categories of vans with different capacities. Passenger vans range from seven to eighteen seats. Mostly this is sufficient for all bigger families and groups. Traveling from airport Podgorica to city Kotor using minivan you can avoid several issues. Suitable seats and especially large luggage compartment will make your trip pleasant and unforgettable. If you have a large party you must specify that in your request when sending an email. Also, if you have bulky items please emphasize that in advance. If passenger van can not meet your need, we will find solution.


How and when to schedule minivan transfer from Podgorica to Kotor? Of course, using same booking form as for regular taxi ride. But you have to pay attention on one thing. Number of van vehicles is limited! We can guarantee that we can ensure free comfort vehicle even for bookings in less than 24h, but unfortunately not for minivans. These vehicles are a lot in use for excursions during summer months. If you want to ensure journey by minivan from Podgorica airport to Kotor instead of taxi, please do it when possible for you. But don’t wait last moment. For smaller vans, capacity up to eight seats, reservation fee is not required. But that is not a case with bigger vans. Reservation tax is obligatory for minivans capacity more than eight seats. Usually it is fifty percent of the pre-agreed price of transport. From Podgorica airport to area of Kotor city taxi prices for minivans are on request.



Transfer from Podgorica to Kotor as Tourist Tour


Every voyage by Montenegrin roads is a chance more that you can discover something new. And in Montenegro really you have to discover a lot. Traveling by charming roads you'll enjoy breathtaking views on mountain peaks and lakes, river canyons and forests. Driving you from the airport in Podgorica to Kotor your taxi driver can give you some basic info about the sights you’ll pass. But also, you have a possibility to enjoy your trip as excursion. If you are interesting for something like that, please inform us in your request. We can give you suggestions and recommendation how to explore our beautiful natural resources at the best way possible. You can easily connect nice and usefully with a small cash surcharge. When pick you up and transporting you from the airport in Podgorica towards Kotor driver can show you a lot even without turning from the main road. You can enjoy in a beauty of Skadar Lake and a view which offer curvy road of Pastrovacka mountain. Visits to St. Stefan and Budva old city are unavoidable on this itinerary.


Alternatively, you can travel through the capital, then via Cetinje and Lovcen National Park. This is a longer trip but with much more options. You can have a city tour through the main city of Montenegro, visit to Lipa Cave, walking tour through Cetinje, old royal capital of Montenegro. From Cetinje taxi ride Podgorica – Kotor leads via Lovcen mountain going down by old Austro-Hungarian road. View and pictures you can make traveling by this road can be the best memories you can take from Montenegro. Before arrival to Kotor you can taste domestic prosciutto, cheese, vine and grape brandy in Njegusi.


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