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Avoid all travel issues and book online taxi from airport Podgorica to Budva. Cheap, fully licensed and 24 h operational service is at your disposal. You don't need credit card to schedule taxi Podgorica airport to Budva service, just a few minutes of your time. Why there is no reservation tax? We do not charge an intermediary fee because we are direct service providers from Montenegro.


Transportation from Airport Podgorica to Budva at the price of 50 by our vehicles Mercedes and Passat means that you will pay your journey about 0.80 € per kilometer. Price includes all costs and it's valid for the vehicle that receives a maximum of four passengers with their luggage.

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Taxi airport Podgorica to Budva can be ordered through the booking field on the site, using official email or call/text us. Because of the fixed price of the ride, you are protected from plane delay or any other unpredictable occasion. Taxi driver who will wait for you at Podgorica airport to take you to Budva will be clearly marked by your name and surname written on a board. Meeting point is in the airport hall next to your exit from passport and custom control.


Taxi transfer from Podgorica airport to Budva, due to lack of public transport, is very economical. We are local taxi drivers in Podgorica and with us you will travel to city Budva at the price much lower than official airport providers offer. Of course, all payment will be done after you reach your hotel or apartment. Taxi from airport Podgorica to Budva without reservation / cancelation fee. Various categories of vehicles allow you to choose the mode of transport which suits you; Comfort Taxi, Minivan or Bus transport airport Podgorica to Budva for larger groups.


Travel route from airport Podgorica to Budva by taxi takes you directly across the national park Skadar lake. Via Pastrovicka Mountain and through magnificent places Rezevici, Sveti Stefan, Milocer, Rafailovici and Becici you will be arrived to Budva in about an hour total travel time. If you want to explore some of the most stunning attractions of Montenegrin coastline, we can make your taxi ride from airport Podgorica to Budva area as tourist sightseeing tour. We can organize and provide your excursion using several types of vehicles, estate cars and minivans 7-18 seats.



Public Transport from Podgorica to Budva


Public transport in Montenegro is mainly organized by buses. There is also a railroad from the south to the north, from Bar to Bijelo Polje. How to travel by bus from Podgorica airport to Budva? Actually, it's just not feasible. There is no direct line. Many travelers are disappointed when they find out that there is no any shuttle from airport in Podgorica in direction of Budva. Only possibility is taxi ride if you don’t want to waste your time going to Podgorica bus station, which is by the way in opposite direction. However, if you want to use a bus, the procedure is as follows. You must organize your transport to the main bus terminal in Podgorica. It is located at the address: Trg Golootockih Zrtava no. 1. For this journey taxi is the only option if you do not have some private transport. Bus will take you to the main bus station in Budva, and again you have to take a taxi to your accommodation.


How much is all this cost-effective and reasonable? Well, one single traveler will save some money, but for two, three and especially for four passengers there is no sense do it. Direct transfer from the airport in Podgorica to any address in Budva cost 40 Euros per vehicle. Going by bus first you must pay 10 Euros to reach bus station in the city center. Bus ticket cost about 6-7 Euros per person, plus luggage fee. Than you have to take expensive coastal providers to arrive at your hotel or apartment. All this is very difficult especially if you are traveling with more luggage, or you are with small kids. Ride started at the airport of Podgorica to Budva takes about one hour and ten minutes. Total travel time changing three transportation modes is difficult to predict, but roughly it will take at least three hours. Is it worth and cost-effective it's up to you to decide!



Make Your Journey from Podgorica Airport to Budva as Excursion


As the first ecological state in the world, Montenegro has much to offer to see and experience. Adorable nature is so attractive that you can enjoy in every step. Rare flora and fauna, enchanting mountains, rivers and lakes provide unforgettable moments in nature. Taking Podgorica airport taxi to Budva the shortest distance is about 65 kilometers. This route you can combine with panoramic boat ride visiting National Park Skadar Lake, the fourth largest natural lake in Europe. In Virpazar you can enjoy the home-made black wine top quality and taste fish from the lake. Walking tour at Sveti Stefan is strongly recommended and indispensable part of the excursion. Driving from Podgorica airport to Budva professional taxi chauffeur will inform you about all sights during the road.


Second possible route is via Podgorica and Cetinje. You can have Podgorica city tour and meet capital of Montenegro. You can also visit the Wine Cellar Sipcanik and taste the wines of the national company Plantaze. Niagara Falls at Cijevna River, St. George's Church, Temple of Christ's Resurrection and Millennium Bridge are just some of the city's attractions. From airport Podgorica by taxi towards Budva you must pass next to Cetinje city. This is old Royal capital of Montenegro, full of museums and old embassies, while Montenegro was a kingdom. Famous Cetinje Monastery is the center of the Orthodox Church in Montenegro and the residence of the Bishop. Lovcen national park is located above the city, about 20 kilometers from the center.


Any way you choose, you can make from simple taxi ride Podgorica to Budva an unforgettable excursion. Depending on your wishes and your free time, we will create your journey at the highest possible level.



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