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Looking for a taxi from Podgorica airport to Herceg Novi welcome to schedule your ride in our association. Trust proven professionals, long-time licensed taxi drivers which passed this route a million of times. Book online transportation from airport of Podgorica to Herceg Novi directly with your chauffeurs, and avoid payment of commission to third party. That is also a reason why you don’t need to pay any reservation tax; full price will be paid when you satisfactory reach your destination.

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Taxi from airport Podgorica to Herceg Novi at the price of 95 Euros in total is an excellent offer for a ride by higher middle class cars – Mercedes E model, Audi A6, VW Passat / Touran and similar. This price includes ferry tickets 10 € and also VAT, travel insurance and all possible road tolls. Price applies per a vehicle, up to four travelers. For your luggage there is no extra charge, as well as for children seat if you need it. Taxi transfer Podgorica airport to Herceg Novi we are providing with no any hidden charge, everything is clear and presented in advance.


How to schedule your transport from airport Podgorica to Herceg Novi by taxi? It is very easy, chose one of the models which is the most simple for you. Fill our online reservation with journey details, your name and surname, arrival information and that is all. Just leave your email address that we can send you a confirmation email. You can also call or text us on our phone number which is operational 24h. You can book your transfer and reserve a ride from Podgorica airport to Herceg Novi using WhatsApp or Viber available at the same phone number presented at our site. You can make a reservation whenever you want, no matter how many days or months in advance. We are not raising our prices during the season due to high demands for our service.


By which route you will travel?

Taxi Podgorica airport – Herceg Novi can be provided by several routes and drivers generally choose the most economical, depending on the crowd and part of the day. Very often, the distance expressed in kilometers that you can see on the Google maps does not really mean anything. Sometimes the longest road is actually the most economical and fastest. In principle, the trip from Podgorica to Herceg Novi lasts about 2 hours and thirty minutes, but it can be longer. How long your journey will take mostly depends on the crowd on the toll ramp near the Sozina tunnel and from the crowded ferry that travels between Lepetani and Kamenari, across the Bay of Kotor.


During the summer season, our drivers are informed about the road conditions on time, and we always look for the most economical solution, both for your and for us. Very often a taxi route for transportation from Podgorica airport to Herceg Novi is via Podgorica, Nikšić, Grahovo and through one part of the bay. This is the longest route, but during June, July and August it is most economical. No matter by which itinerary you will travel, the cost of transport is fixed and always the same, 80 Euros with all taxes.


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