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The organization and conduct of public passenger transport in each country must comply with the applicable laws of that country. In Montenegro, the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs lays down laws governing the public transport of passengers. That law says: All taxis can have a maximum of four seats, plus a driver. This is the main reason why on the streets of Podgorica and at the airport you cannot meet a van with a taxi board. This is a major problem for travelers in larger groups as well as people with large luggage. Vehicles of this type are usually registered in travel agencies or as part of a Limo service. By law, they may not carry any taxi labels, but they may provide passenger transportation in accordance with the legal norms prescribed for this mode of transport.



Rides by Minivans 8+1 Seats


The most common form of airport minivan transfers is this category. These are passenger vehicles with a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver's seat. Cars like this are registered as part of the Limo service. All transfers for a group between 5 and 8 people must be provided by passenger van. If you need minivan transportation from or to Podgorica airport, you can easily schedule it on our website. The procedure is the same as when scheduling a passenger car ride. You can use the online booking form and submit your request. It is very easy to use. There are only three fields where you need to enter basic information. Your name and email address are required. In the "Message" field, enter the date and time of arrival as well as the number of passengers. To confirm the cost of transportation, write the exact destination to which you need transportation.


You can also schedule minivan services on our phone number. You can call us from 07.00.h to 23.00.h every day. It's a mobile phone number, so you can send SMS as well. Free apps like WhatsApp and Viber are also available. They may even be the best solution, especially if you need a ride from a destination that doesn't have an exact address to the airport. You can use the ability to send the location of your accommodation.


Reservations of this type of minivan transfers are also free of charge. You don’t need to pay any reservation tax in advance. Like regular taxi transport, all payment is upon arrival to destination. If you are traveling from any point to Podgorica airport, your mobile phone number is obligatory. It will be used only in the case that urgent communication is necessary between the driver and client.



Transfers for 9 – 18 Passengers


Traveler groups that exceed regular van capacity are not so frequent. The request for group transportation of more than 8 travelers together is most often made by travel agencies during the summer months. This need is also common for organized seminars and congresses. For this purpose, we mainly use 18-seater vehicles. This is most often a large passenger Mercedes Sprinter. All vehicles of this type have a factory luggage allowance and fully meet all standards for comfortable travel to longer destinations. You can use the service to all destinations in Montenegro, as well as to all cities in the surrounding countries.


Due to the limited number of these vehicles, transportation must be scheduled a minimum of seven days in advance. This is especially valid for the period from the first of May to the end of September. We need precise number of passengers presented clearly in your request. To book a large minivan reservation tax is required. It is fifty percent of the agreed price. Reservation fee can be paid via bank account seven days in advance, or by credit card at least two working days prior the journey.



Organized Bus transfers


Unfortunately, you will not find any form of bus transportation at the Podgorica airport. We know it sounds a bit unbelievable, but there is not even shuttle service from the airport to the city. Of course, for the needs of travel agencies, seminar organizers and congresses, you can schedule a bus ride with us. We offer several categories, depending on the needs of our clients. We offer buses with a capacity of 28 seats to 60 seats. They are all relatively new and comfortable.


When and how to schedule a bus transfer from the airport to your destination? It is best to book this service at least 15 days in advance, especially if you are traveling during the summer months. Of course, use the same contact form and phone number on our site. After giving us the exact number of passengers and the destination, you are traveling to, you will receive feedback with the fare. The operator will ask you for all the necessary information to book a transfer. As for a large van, reservations are charged 50% of the agreed fare. Remaining 50% you will pay upon arrival to destination. Bank money transfer or credit card can be used for reservation fee.



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