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It sounds a little bit unbelievable for a country where the main income is coming through tourism, but there is no public schuttle bus from airport Podgorica to Podgorica, Budva, Kotor or any other destination. That's one major flaw and lack, for which responsibility lies mostly alike Podgorica airport and the city administration. In previous years there were several attempts to establish bus transportation from Podgorica airport, but they finished very poorly.

Transportation by bus from/to airport Podgorica for a decades has been steady and organized by national flight operator in Montenegro, but it is suspended during the economic sanctions in nineties. In the late of 2015th and early of 2016th "Gradski Saobracaj" local company started providing schuttle transfers by bus from  airport Podgorica to bus and train station, city center and to some major hotels in city area. This mode of traveling was not so popular between passengers, and after a couple of months they stopped driving. Also we note that many travelers were interested to travel directly by bus from Podgorica airport to Budva, Kotor, Ulcinj, Dubrovnik etc... but unfortunately this mode of transportation never existed.


We are providing scheduled bus transfers

Dealing for a decades passengers transportation, we cooperate with many companies, and of course priority has companies with the same or similar activities. So that, in advance booked bus transport from airport Podgorica is just one segment in our activities.

Needs for collective rides are different, but this kind of service we usually provides for travel agencies and organizers of major events. Group transportation for special occasions is usually for a seminars, conferences, congresses and similar events. If you have any need for group transportation by bus from airport podgorica, feel free to contact us for an offer. We will be happy to answer on any demand, or to give you additional explanation.
Various offer of buses makes us as one of the best companies in the market. Whatever you need, from large minivans with 22 seater, minibuses 28 and 36 seater up to classic 55 and 64 seater. All vehicles are of recent manufacture, and provides safe and reliable bus transfers from Podgorica airport to any address in Montenegro or to countries in the region.


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